Dear Friend and Supporter,

Suja and AviI am grateful to you for all of the support we received during the campaign.  Many of you have been supporters for several years and I am humbled by your friendship and confidence in me. It was also very inspiring to meet so many new friends with a passion for improving our community.  Thank you all for believing in our message.  Of course, it is disappointing that we failed to make the runoff, but I congratulate Patrick O’Donnell on a hard fought victory and encourage you to join me in lifting him to victory in November.

I wish to thank my campaign team for putting your lives on hold during these last 6 months for an uncertain outcome.  It is never easy to lose, but I am proud of the integrity and positivity we displayed to voters.

I am indebted to our volunteers for sacrificing nights and weekends talking on phones and knocking on doors. I also wish to thank our endorsers for believing in our message of moving California forward.  Our efforts and partnership certainly do not end here for we will continue to fight the good fight for equality, education, environment and good jobs.

Finally, to my son, Avi, and my family, I will be forever grateful for your support of and inspiration for my wanting to be a public servant.  Your love has given me the strength to carry on.